Wholesale Scam

We all know a friend of a friend who can get for us almost anything at a cheap price. Those of you over forty know there is no free lunch. There are plenty of outlets where, if you know someone, you can buy carpet at close to dealer cost. I’d be cautious of anyone selling you anything at a price that appears too good to be true. If your most important part of the carpet buying process is price, you are doomed to be taken. The few places where you can purchase at broker prices do not provide any service other than selling you the carpet at a cheap price. They will not provide labor because then they would have to be registered with theĀ Contractors Construction Board. (this is an State of Oregon regulation) Further, they are under no obligation to handle warranty claims, and usually refer you to the carpet mill rep. Also, if you are asked to pay the installer directly for any work, you could have a problem.( see below) Finally, if you do have a valid complaint, the broker is only obligated to supply new carpet at the dock. You would have to pay someone to reinstall the new, pull up and wrap up the defective piece, and haul the defective piece back to the dock. Now that cheap carpet price isn’t so cheap. You had to pay twice for labor, plus go through all the hassle of resolving your own complaint.