Velvet Plush Carpet

Before You Purchase That Velvet Plush Carpet

You found that perfect carpet for your home, and you love the formal look of the new velvet carpet you have selected. However, before you purchase that carpet, ask the dealer about “watermarking or pooling”. Watermarking is a term used in our industry for the strange shading and change of pile direction that sometimes takes place after a velvet carpet is installed in the home. This event could take several months to become apparent. It makes the new carpet look like a giant wet elephant sat on the carpet, twisted his rump on the carpet, and then disappeared. (not a pretty image is it).

Do not get too alarmed, as this event only happens in about one in one hundred velvet plush carpets that are installed. However, I get email from around the country about pooling at the rate of four complaints a year. This is not a factory defect, but an unexplained happening that affects only this type of carpet. Don’t look for the mill to help you out here. If you are purchasing this type of carpet, see if your dealer will give you a written warranty against this very phenomenon. Remember, this is just a warning, and what you do with this information is up to you.