Carpet Pad

Don’t Make a Padding Mistake!

The most expensive carpet pad you will buy is the “fee” pad that is offered my many retailers.  It is imperative that your carpet cushion support the carpet.  Today’s carpets are not made with the flexible jute backing of the past.  The carpet backings used today are some form of plastic.  This means  one must select a pad that does not allow too much flex of the carpet during its lifetime.  Too soft carpet pads cause these plastic backings to break down.  This results in the tuffs of the carpet coming out of the carpet at some future vacuuming.  Imagine your surprise when you discover bare spots in your carpet.  

Furthermore, it is important to know the thickness and densities of various types of carpet padding so that you will not void the manufacturers warranty.  Each type of pad is discussed here, and failure to pay attention could cost you money and time.


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